The first factory producing plastic parts and components and standard motorcycle box in Iran
Motorcycle box Special food handling and multipurpose
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The first modern box for the transportation of goods for public use and all businesses
Technical Specifications and Benefits
Your motorcycle box = your mobile business card

Your box is portable, modern and beautiful advertisement that can be seen everywhere

And with this way all people can see your brand and your advertising (keep it well)
You can use the entire body of this box as an animated billboard according to the
required times or special occasions, and you can easily remove it.
This product will be a free adverting tool, multipurpose and source of income for you
Are you familiar with the high cost of advertising?
You know, the lowest cost of advertising your activity is several times your box price?
So Use this free advertising tool well.
There is a need for new thoughts and moves to stay
It's just too late now


Send fast and easy to anywhere in the world
Kala Bahman Pars Technical, Engineering and Trading Company with more than 20 years of experience in designing and manufacturing of technology products based on needs assessment, project-based problem-solving, and using its technical and professional team to create job opportunities based on new business methods. and the use of information technology to enhance the expertise and services, and in this way, able to design and produce special products and exclusive in the different fields of work and has several patents, and from 1391 as tech companies and It has been based in technology and knowledge parks, and this site is just for getting acquainted with some of the services. The company that has been designing and  anufacturing the first modern box for the transport of motorcycle pike goods has been created and informed and prepared for a factory equipped with a design, production, assembling and packaging unit for motorcycle boxes as follows: Announces: Food Box, Restaurant Box, Fast Food Box, Motorbike Box, Picnic Box, Food Bar, Restaurant Box, Fast Food Box, Restaurant Box, Fast Food Box, Picnic Box, Motorcycle Box, Tool Box , Fiberglass box, plastic box, engine box,multipurpose box, modern motorcycle box, the box with a touchscreen, the illuminated motor box, the illuminated box, the food box, the supermarket box, the locking box, the motorcycle advertising box, the box Snap, the box courier, the hypermarket box, the box of all kinds of motorcycles, the box In a variety of colors, dashboards, pharmacy boxes and kidney boxes attached to motorcycles, electronic boxes
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